It’s always the kids

To the editor,

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Dr. Vladtheimp

Frighten, Scare, Mislead

This budding member of the Communist Columnists is either unaware of reality or he’s deliberately misleading to support his agenda :

Guns for all? This year, a total of eight (8) students have been killed in school shootings out of an enrollment of 42 million (42,000,000). Yup – every student should be terrified. COVID – A total of 630 children (age 0-17) have died of Covid (out of 600,000+ deaths. Yup – parents should follow the Democrat mandates requiring jabbing kids with an experimental vaccine or they’re guilty of child abuse.

For some perspective, 3,960 children and teens have died by drowning; 3,434 from car accidents; 3,285 from guns; 730 from poisoning; and 534 by suicide.

McNergney cries for those who cannot protect themselves. Maybe he should write letters for those innocents who have been killed by abortionists - 862,000+ since 2018.

Probably not in his agenda – it’s only some kids that count.


Good points. One of the most disturbing commercials that I have recently seen depicts a group of young kids advocating the vaccine. One actually states, "I love being vaccinated" Really?


Saw a TV commercial depicting young kids advocating the vaccine. One states, "I love being vaccinated." Really?

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