Second Amendment rights

To the editor,

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McDonald vs City of Chicago followed and supported the Heller decision. Not full disclosure in this letter

Dr. Vladtheimp

Democrat’s Basis For Diminishing Constitutional Rights

It’s remarkable that Democrats think normal Americans will accept the legislative theft of their Constitutional rights based on the illegal actions of murderers and mental defectives.


Who are you kidding? The US is awash with guns, lots and lots of all sorts of guns, assault weapons designed to kill lots of living things quickly and even decapitate their targets (little children for example), with firearm injuries now in 2022 a leading cause of death among children and youth.

States are pushing concealed (and open) carry with NO permit required - in fact, in some states, it's easier and quicker to buy an AR-15 and a stockpile of rounds of ammo than it is to get a driver's license, vote, or buy Sudafed.

No - the only rights being diminished or ripped to shreds by Republicans are voting rights, civil rights of minorities, and of course, the rights of women to make their own decisions about their bodies, family planning, and futures, and the freedom of and from religion (the right to choose any faith/religion).

And yes - most caring, concerned Americans (latest polls - 90% of all Americans) want common sense public safety gun laws that give families, school children, and all of society to the right to not get massacred while grocery shopping, worshiping, watching a movie at the cinema, getting a manicure at the local spa, attending a concert, or any of the other activities that active Americans do.

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