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To the editor,

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Four letters all opinion based garbage....


How perfect – a Leftist attempting to demonstrate President Trump is not a leader, despite all evidence to the contrary, by taking 11 words out of context. Yeah, that’s convincing, Richard.

What’s even better is that his ‘proof’ consists of a sentence or two from others who explain ‘leadership’ – but his exemplars are all straight White men, except for an African who led through election fraud and bigamy.

Alas, poor Richard – how sexist, racist, and homophobic – couldn’t find a female leader, an American Black or Hispanic leader, a 'gay' leader? Or does your White, Middle Class, Leftist experience confine itself to people like yourself?

Calls for some introspection, if that’s possible.


FYI - The Tribune isn't immune from this political correctness - my comment included the words "h0m0sexual, lesbean, trans-seckual" and was rejected as profanity. I would think Americans identifying with those words would be offended.

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