In support of masks, CRT

To the editor,

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Absolutely the correct and responsible course of action to keep our students, teachers, and staff as safe as possible while at school. School boards all across the state and country are looking at the statistics and recognizing that in-school learning has few options as the highly transmissible Delta variant seems to attack our youth more aggressively than the original Covid-19.

Fact: Beginning in August, the average daily number of children being admitted into US hospitals, seriously sick with the Delta variant, is 1,200 DAILY. This is 4x the number being admitted in July.

This is not the time to freak out over ideological conspiracy theories! Show respect for the serious decisions our elected members on school board must make, and support them through compliance and vaccinations.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Dog Bites Man

How surprising that one governmental entity supports the action of another collection of bureaucrats; and one wonders how two individuals can speak for an 11 member (7 voting) Commission. One would think if this is truly the official position of the Grand Haven Human Relations Commission all 11 members or at least a majority would have signed the letter.

Are these 2 individuals gaslighting us?

Additionally, the Commission allegedly was created “to encourage, promote and cause mutual understanding, sensitivity, awareness, and respect among all groups in the city and beyond, to prevent discrimination and disorder, and to give effect to the guarantee of equal rights for all assured by the constitution and the laws of this state and of the United States of America.”

Taking a position on two critical and highly controversial issues in support of a highly controversial, arrogant busybody hardly promotes and causes mutual understanding, sensitivity and respect or prevents disorder.

No matter what these two individuals claim, Critical Race Theory does not give effect to equal rights and does teach that White people are racists, consciously or otherwise.

It’s comical that they claim not to have the answers to past discrimination and then tell us the answer now is infecting students with the virus that is Critical Race Theory. Most of us know that the solution to discrimination is not more discrimination directed at a different group.

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