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It's been said that one of the most destructive aspects of the Trump presidency was his success in playing on some peoples' mistrust of basic democratic institutions such as a Free Press. He himself reveled in the press and then social media for decades, using it to preen and promote himself, but he understood the paranoia and fear that dwells in the minds of many and preened and promoted that fear and mistrust into believing his manipulations, falsehoods, and advancement of authoritarianism.

He was so successful at this he managed to create an alternate reality filled with alternate facts, and that he, and only he, could solve this and every other fear held by his gullible followers. He was especially adept at promoting The Big Lie -repeatedly saying outrageously and often bizarre lies and made-up stories over and over until they are believed - after all, who would say such things over and over with such conviction unless.....it was in fact actually true!

I was told recently that I can't trust the MSM - only people like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. Those people tell the truth, not the Fake News sources. Yes - the one thing Trump was really, really good at was creating an alternate reality filled with alternate facts, giving permission to folks to reveal their long-concealed paranoia, racism, greed, fear, anger, and selfishness.

Dr. Vladtheimp

So, you think 50%+ of our citizens and a clear majority of West Michigan voters have been hiding their 'long-concealed paranoia, racism, greed, fear, anger, and selfishness' - what a great neighbor you must be, Chica.

The Taliban understands the free press better than you. https://twitter.com/i/status/1427658106054406149


If the shoe fits, wear it. I stand by every word of my comment. And don't be too cocky with those stats, Ottawa County is becoming more pro-democracy with every election!

Unlike you, (and your former president, who negotiated with the Taliban instead of the Afghan government, arranged for the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners who went underground and planned out their violent takeover for when Trump publicly announced in advance that he was pulling troops in April 2021, figuring on re-election or setting up a trap for the next president), I don't acknowledge the Taliban as "understanding the free press" or anything "free".


no comment on a former president who I didn't vote for.

But, regarding Covid, there is a lot of misinformation and a manipulation of details, mostly from the mainstream. Doctors who are successfully treating covid patients and not working for hospitals or tied to a political position are saying one thing, our CDC is saying another. There are many treatments out there that will minimize hospitalization by 85% if administered at first onset but patients are not giving that direction. Those doctors who are promoting these treatments should be heroes but instead they are censored. They are not saying covid is fake or not to get the shot, they are simply trying to help save lives. Regarding the shot, 100k's have been injured by it and over 12k died from it, that we know of. VAERS is grossly backlogged and notorious for under-reporting. Doesn't mean no one should get the shot, just means we should do a thorough evaluation on each person to decide if they should benefit from it and whether the risk is worth it. Who's NOT getting the shot? Well, the highest demographic of people who are not Covid vaccinated are African-Americans at only 25%. What does that tell you? Maybe they don't trust a government who is touting the best vaccine ever in a way that involves bribes, coercion and threats???


Would like to retract my comment about African Americans at only 25% vaccination rate. I crossed referenced this stat and found conflicting data. They are still the lowest demographic to be vaccinated but closer to 40-50%.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Hey Little Richard, do you really think your constant and tiresome diatribes focused on the President-In-Exile will cause folks to ignore the Democrat policy failures on the economy and jobs, illegal immigration, education, the Chinese Virus and now the unnecessary and humiliating disaster in Afghanistan?

Good luck with that!

Do you still think stealing an election and installing the hapless Joe Biden and Cackle Queen on the throne was good for the country and for the future of the new Democrat Socialist party?

If so, you may be as smart as Hunter Biden.


Another opinion piece from a bitter Democrat..really getting old Richard

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