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Dr. Vladtheimp

The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic – Democracy and Socialism are Mob Rule

If the Democrats at the Michigan ACLU actually know there are tens of thousands of people in Michigan who do not have government-issued ID and are unable to obtain it, why don’t they assist them in obtaining one?

Because they don’t care about the people, only having an issue, just like Obits and Brouwer.

Think how the ACLU (and Obits and Brouwer) could improve these unfortunates lives! With a Michigan issued ID at a cost of $10 or less (a ¼ bottle of Hennessy or a couple of tokes), these deprived persons could suddenly do things for the first time in their lives:

Apply for Food Stamps

Apply for Welfare

Apply for Medicaid

Visit Senator Stabenow’s main office

Visit Gary Peters’ main office

Board an airplane

Write a check

Cash a check

Drive a motor vehicle

Apply for permission to hold a protest or rally

Rent an apartment

Rent a car

Purchase a gun (Includes BB guns)

Purchase alcoholic beverages

Purchase tobacco or products that contain nicotine

Purchase weed

Receive prescription medicine

Purchasing certain cold medicine


Notice all the above examples of Racism! And most requirements are Government requirements, that is, Democrat requirements since we are told they far outnumber Republicans.

In fact, it’s Systemic Racism, and Democrats control the Media, the Bureaucracy, the ‘Education’ System, the unions – virtually all of the powerful systems in the country.

Racism is the infrastructure of the Democrat Party – Get Woke!

Yea, Buddy

Republicans do NOT want more gun control laws. They do NOT endorse redistribution of wealth expanded health care. And yes, the election count was altered while most people were sleeping, and NOTE - the pools were CLOSED at that time. No one, and I mean no one; has done more harm to America than democrats!

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