Duty to uphold our republic

To the editor,

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Agreed, now if you can get Biden, Pelosi Schumer and the rest to reciprocate concerning the mass violence instigated by the left wing Dems this past summer which they suddenly became blind too. This would constitute "a level playing field" they have constantly harkened for..


your whataboutisms are cute. the protests and violence this summer were caused due to law enforcment's unfair treatment of minorities in this country, and as a result there was some looting and violence. The riot at the capitol was perpetuated by a big lie that was started by President Trump, and he claimed he actually won the presidential election in a landslide and it was "stolen" by democrats. Some other members of the republicans helped incite the riot by perpetuating that lie. This past summer, some Walmarts and Target stores were vandalized & looted. Last week, the capitol building was overtaken, 6 people died, a mob attempted to take lawmakers captive, and Trump cheered as it happened.

Enough with the false equivalencies -- if you can't see the difference, you are part of the MAGA brainwashed cult and are complicit too.

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