What is happening Ottawa County?

To the editor,

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Dr. Vladtheimp

What’s happening in Ottawa County? The people of Ottawa County have spoken clearly and loudly about parental rights, freedom, and liberty and against intrusive government, racial hatred and discrimination.

I understand that the editors of the Tribune are in mourning: having published letter after letter defaming Ottawa Impact and its slate of candidates it has maintained radio silence about the remarkable success of its candidates. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Here are the take-aways the Tribune refuses to acknowledge:

1. Ottawa County and other 3rd Congressional District voters were turned off by the disgusting, deceitful and racist campaign waged against John Gibbs by Peter Meijer and his Democrat supporters out of State,

2. Peter Meijer’s support for the phony partisan impeachment of President Trump was a major reason for his stinging defeat.

3. Ottawa County voters ignored the lies and distortions spread about Ottawa Impact, elected 8 of the 9 of the candidates it supported, and punished incumbents who actively encouraged Democrats to meddle in the Republican primary (except for Grand Haven City – no surprise there).

4. The winning candidates ran on issues important to voters, including: parental rights in education; anti-government mandates; racial equality vs. equity; and anti- racial discrimination (Government forced Diversity, Equity and Inclusion).

5. Ottawa County voters remembered the lies, over-bearing smugness, nursing home deaths, small business killing, homosexual supporting, environmental zealotry, and various scandals attributable to Gretchen Witmer and voted to replace her.

6. Ottawa County voters do not suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and compared his policies and successes to those of the third term of Obama.

7. In short, Ottawa County voters supported normalcy, decency, and a new direction.


Please!! Pass the antiemetics!! ASAP!! Seriously, your comment excels in every category - dissembling, disinformation, diversions, and hysteria. Your regurgitation of falsehoods and dodgy opinions is enough to make one......well, you get the picture.

One thing you've apparently chosen to miss is the economic recovery and economic plan for small businesses - those who suffered the most during the global pandemic (companies like Amazon and Tesla made billions in profits while small businesses struggled). I'm sure those unqualified and inexperienced new county commissioners who have no idea what the office actually entails (no institutional concept that it is mostly fiscal responsibility - NOT social sedge issues)) and those who voted for them, will block those small businesses from gaining from this comprehensive support for small businesses, and will balk at Michigan becoming a national leader in small business start-ups and the economic stability it will bring to all our communities:

Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer highlighted new data showing Michigan’s economic jumpstart continues as small businesses in the state are experiencing tremendous growth and expansion. In the first three quarters of 2021 alone, small businesses with fewer than 50 employees created almost 170,000 jobs, the fastest start to small business job growth in 23 years, according to the Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information. The state also saw an explosion of entrepreneurs and business owners beginning new ventures in 2021, with 150,000 new small business applications filed to start businesses, which is 59% more than in 2019.

Governor Whitmer laid out her MI New Economy, a $2.1 billion plan to grow Michigan's middle class, support small businesses and invest in communities.

$500 million to build on the Michigan Mainstreet Initiative, which offers grants to restaurants, place-based businesses, and microenterprises with further dollars to attract more start-ups.

$200 million to create a more conducive business environment for high-tech, high-growth start-ups and create jobs of the future in Michigan.

Added 220,000 jobs in 2021, drove down unemployment and took Michigan from a projected $3 billion deficit to a $7 billion surplus.

Enacted a bipartisan tax cut for small businesses, enabling them to grow and create jobs.

Signed a Buy Michigan executive directive to increase state procurement and contracts with small and geographically disadvantaged businesses.

Signed the bipartisan Strategic Outreach and Attraction Reserve (SOAR) package, which supports business by fully funding a competitive economic development toolkit to help make Michigan a national leader in business attraction.

Launched over $400 million to support small businesses through Growing MI Business grants.

In partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), the Governor implemented 23 economic relief programs for businesses, supporting more than 25,000 companies and retaining more than 200,000 jobs, and provided $100 million through the Small Business Restart Program to help restaurants and other place-based businesses cover costs by providing grants up to $20,000 for mortgage, rent, taxes, payroll and other operating expenses.


You missed 9.2 inflation and Biden’s lowest approval rating of any President inn50 years


I didn't "miss" anything! I was referring to Michigan and Gov Whitmer's comprehensive plan for small businesses. But thanks for giving me an opportunity to highlight some of President Biden's consequential actions that are geared to building up the Middle/Working Class, securing the safety of our country and it's citizens, and promoting a more equitable economy and a stronger, more stable America.

- Oversaw the national distribution of highly effective vaccines.

- Passage of gun control bill - first in 30 years.

- American Rescue Plan.

- Bipartisan Infrastructure.

- Afghanistan withdraw - 20-year war.

- Killed al-Agal & al-Zawahri. Leader of al-Qaeda, behind 9/11.

- Back to pre-pandemic employment.

- 3.5% unemployment. Lowest in 50 years.

- Most Judges confirmed.

- First Black Woman on SCOTUS.

- Inflation Reduction Act.

- 528,000 new jobs created in July 2022. More than Trump's entire 4 years of presidency. Btw, Trump has the worst jobs record in modern US history.

I could go on and on......the fact is that President Biden, in under 2 years, has accomplished more to strengthen America and Americans than any other president in modern US presidential history. And this is inheriting a cratering economy, millions of sick and dying Americans during the worst global pandemic in 100 years, and a toxic GOP whose goal is to block, veto, and vote NO on every piece of legislature that helps average Americans.


I own a small business. Neither Whitmer nor anyone on the County level did anything to help our business and I know of a lot of other small businesses that went under because they were not helped. These businesses (and our business) applied for help and none came. Whitmer's "accomplishments" are nothing but empty promises and false narratives. Any grants that she offered were so small that businesses who applied and received a grant received such a small amount because so many applied. She probably helped big business or those who donated to her, but the small mom and pop businesses were, and still are, on their own. Our business survived from no help from her. She can not take the credit for any of that.


What a shame your small business suffered during the worst global pandemic in 100 years, which killed over 1 million Americans in less than 2 years, sickened tens of millions - leaving many with long-term health issues - and which disrupted the entire global economic and health industries, not to mention governments - federal, state, and local - while striving mightily to control a deadly, highly transmissible virus.

I too have a small business and we and our employees completely understood the ramifications of this virus, complied completely with the CDC and Gov Whitmer's mandates and recommendations, and managed to keep and sustain all our business, our employees, and our health. Was it a terribly anxious time? Absolutely! Did we need any help from the federal government or the state of Michigan? Very fortunately, no.

Gov Whitmer fully utilized over 20 state programs to help small business during the worst of the pandemic, and has a comprehensive multi-pronged small business plan to support small businesses that I've outlined above.

I suspect you are making up stories to disparage Gov Whitmer because that's what you folks do. Get over it, quit making up stories, and get back to work!


Lanivan, looks like I hit a nerve. You are one miserable woman to lash out like that. I will preserve your sanity for you and I will not respond to your senseless, uneducated, pull out of the air "facts" that you like to spew.


Still sounds like you are not getting enough rest.


Lanivan, since somehow there is no "reply" button to what you write, the biggest problem you have is that you assume much and your way is the only way. Your answer to someone you disagree with is to slam them with insults and lies. I should know better than to even try to hold a "conversation" with you. Never again.


Yes Sir


Barbara Smith apparently has no access to the internet and was unable to research the candidates who were running. I did not vote for anyone strictly on the endorsement of Trump. With Meijer, I got sick of his negative campaign ads against Gibbs that were untrue. I was also sick of all the junk mail i received from him. Those were 2 of many reasons that I did not vote for Meijer. Unlike Barbara, I did my research.


Barbara Smith “the lady running for Governor no one has ever heard of” you speak in broad generalizations and your ignorance is showing. And just wait… what kind of hollow childish threat is that?

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