Standing for peace in Grand Haven

To the editor,

Who are those people sitting or standing for peace every Saturday from noon to 1? You will find us on the Washington Street side of Central Park. This has been going on for over a month when two women had been driving to Holland to stand for peace had the idea that we could do this right here in Grand Haven.

Our peace signs and our stillness are meant as gentle reminders to look into our own hearts and for you all to look in your hearts to find the peace and love that is already there.

Leslie Newman

Spring Lake

Are we facing an ecological disaster?

To the editor,

Global warming is changing our environment at an increasingly rapid rate. Glacial melting has accelerated over the past 10 years, resulting in increased sea levels. A million animal species are predicted to become extinct, and 3 billion birds have already disappeared in North America. Severe weather events are now more common due to the warming caused by increased CO2 in our atmosphere. Increased ocean temperatures are predicted to put one-third of our coral reefs and marine life at risk of disappearing forever, thus reduce fishing as a food source. More severe weather patterns will decrease arable lands for farming, and there may not be enough water to supply both agricultural needs and the requirements of cities, towns and wildlife. The Amazon fires are bad enough, but the plankton in the oceans provides 50 percent of the oxygen on our planet. And we have been very bad about controlling the contamination in our oceans.

Combine all these factors with an unabated population increase, and you have a formula for an ecological disaster.

This could lead to a world where only the affluent have the means to drink clean water, breathe clean air and eat healthy foods. And wealthy nations, who would be primarily responsible for the crisis, might selfishly choose inequitable strategies to save their own skin. Our politicians have chosen to ignore the problem, because they are owned by the fossil fuel industries, who are the primary contributors to increased CO2 levels.

We can again point to greed and money as the source of the problem. And we have a president who suppresses science and promotes the exact opposite of what is needed. A 16-year-old Swedish girl has more common sense than he does.

We do have a choice. We can vote for people who favor climate control. Do it for your children and grandchildren, because they are the ones who will suffer.

Stewart Veeck

Grand Haven Township

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