Which presidential candidate is qualified for the job?

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Great letters, and thanks should be given for taking the time to express your opinions - which are shared by many who may remain silent = eloquently, and sincerely. These are very grave times for our country. An aggressive and deadly Trump virus is currently spiking in nearly every state in the Union; the economy is struggling mightily; unemployment is at 11+%; and sadly, the Trump administration is working hard to punish peaceful protestors with a secret para-military army, unidentified, roving the streets of Democrat-led cities, and putting citizens into unmarked vans without just cause. There is no plan to address safety for our children to go back to school - like the pandemic, the Trump administration is taking no responsibility and forcing governors and local school boards to do the hard work of looking out for kids and staff. But there is hope, as you both point out. Hope in the form of our Constitutional Republic which enumerates our rights as citizens, and the ideals of justice and equality for all that are shining stars to those value them, and the hope of Joe Biden, a decent, kind, compassionate, experienced, down-to-earth man, who, although far from perfect, is not a malignant narcissist, a vain, immoral, corrupt, failed man who cares only about himself. Biden will be a fine transitional president, and one who can guide us with strength and purpose towards those shining lights.


As a writer of fiction and fantasy Lanivan excels. As a writer of truth Lanivan is an abject failure.

The deadly Chinese virus is not spiking in virtually every State in the Union. However, the more important information is that hospitalizations and deaths have plummeted across the Country, although the deaths per 1 million population have been unacceptably high in Democrat run states – New Jersey, Schumer’s New York, Pelosi’s California, Durbin’s Illinois and Stabenow’s Michigan. In the World death per million, the United States has a lower number than Belgium, Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain – look it up.

The unemployment rate has spiked precisely because President Trump followed the Science and the advice of medical experts like Drs Faucci and Birx and shut down the economy to flatten the curve to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed, not to stop the spread of the Chinese virus.

If the animals committing the murders, arson, looting, and public and private property damage in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York are “peaceful protesters” Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegetarian and Harvey Weinstein is a feminist.

Most important, Lanivan doesn’t understand the meaning of a Constitutional Republic or the Constitution itself. The Federal Government’s power is limited to those enumerated in the Constitution – the remainder are retained by the States that created the national government. Public Health, Police Powers, and Education are generally authorities and responsibilities of the States. Everyone should think twice about the wisdom and precedent of giving President Trump the power to make binding decisions on health, education, and policing. To date the President, unlike his predecessor, has been punctilious about respecting his Constitutional limitations: he has left it up to the States to make decisions on the Chinese virus – masks, shutdowns, school openings and policing (he has used Federal law enforcement to protect federal property and Courthouses, and other LEOs who have responsibility for federal warrant serving, drug and immigration enforcement, etc.)

It's funny how some people falsely claim that President Trump is presiding like an Emperor (or like Whitmer) and then complain that he isn’t. Of course, if you’re a Leftist who believes in being ruled by a strongman like Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping or Putin, I guess it makes some sense.

Since when have we elected a “transitional president” who can guide us to a Shining Path? I guess since Joey Hands is the best they got who has even a chance of being elected – when he finally comes out of his basement and learns to read a teleprompter, and chooses his successor, think for a half second and re-elect Donald John Trump!


I guess I should be grateful your comment is mostly composed of slippery sleights of hand and twisted, hypocritical illogic, and not the serially abusive and mindless ad hominem attacks with ginormous dollops of superiority of a t-bird screed. This cumbersome forum won't allow me to reply to your comment below, so I will do so now. Reply to your comment #2: Oh yes! We had a remarkable, unforgettable run (imho). You had me at "Lanvin Paris" (betcha don't remember!), and it was then I decided to embark on what turned out to be one of the most interesting journeys I have ever embarked....so many issues, so much typing! We covered them all, and then some totally unexpected yet enriching topics to top it off. As snide, sardonic, sarcastic, and snippy you can be (are), you became and remain a friend in the most "odd couple" manner. Reply to comment #2: I evidently have not made something clear, although Heaven knows I've tried. There is no longer any purpose to a debate about Trump. He has worked hard to ensure his entire life - his words and deeds - are in the public realm throughout his entire life to the present. It's all there to inspect, to assess. Either you understand that he is a deeply corrupt, venal, vain, cruel, intellectually bankrupt, promiscuous man who managed to gain the presidency with the help of a foreign enemy and with a Grand Deal with the GOP, and who has managed to accrue the title of the most corrupt and inept presidency in US history, or you don't. His lawless, unconstitutional, fascist tactics and total disregard for the Constitution or Rule of Law goes far beyond his innate lack of leadership or managerial expertise. The authoritarian and anti-constitutional power grabs, the concept that the president can do no wrong, the network of corruption, bribery, and collusion with foreign enemies and transnational corporations, the demeaning, mocking, and insulting of individuals, institutions, ideals; the hubris, the malignant narcissism and all that entails.....they are on display daily, clearly, consistently, without respite. There is no room for debates of minutia, or sparring over differing opinions. It is what it is, and there is nowhere for you or any of his supporters to go to erase it. When he goes down, so will you (and his enablers and supporters) and any credibility you (and they) may have once had. And I write this as a friend.


To quote a Lanivan response from 5 days ago: " I note you didn't actually refute a single statement in my comment."

Par for the course. If you had any self-awareness you would avoid complaints about ad hominem attacks - which are the sum total of virtually all of your ravings about President Trump - see above.


And others who post in the comments section who don't share her warped view of things, Vlad.


I can help you both get to Canada in November.


Unfortunately Canada has closed it's borders to Americans, as have Mexico and Europe. The US currently has the highest number of cases than anywhere in the world, and is "persona non grata".......thanks to Trump, we've become what he has referred to in meetings as a s------e country. And you seem very fearful and bitter these days, Rottweiler. Peace be with you.


Lanivan, the leftist rioters are what is turning our country into a s-hole It's the Antifa and BLM anarchists doing it. But, you'll say it's right wing groups that wouldn't go anywhere near the riots because they are smarter than that. From your posts and replies, it appears a lot of your neuron receptors are clogged up. I am also coming to the realization that you have a mental illness beyond your severe TDS. You have ZERO self-awareness and like I said before, you are the most ignorant individual I've ever seen in all my born days. You are absolutely clueless. People like you are why there is a "fake news" industry. If you had any self-awareness to feel any shame, you'd see that you embarrass yourself every time you post something here. You should look into getting some help. It is long overdue. If you are wise, you'll take my advice. I'm hoping you will get well soon. All the best.


Lanivan was once rational, and a delightful person to spar with online. She graduated from an historically Black College but apparently never regretted her White Privilege until Hillary lost. She is an entrepreneur who takes advantage of every tax break business owners are granted by law, which is her right and probably obligation if she has investors.

After years of sparring with her online, I have concluded that, for whatever reason, she was deranged by Hillary Clinton's loss. I believe if she returns to the beliefs and experience that grounded her, she will be just fine. Lanivan is not ignorant - she is pushing a narrative that's false.

People with an innate sense of truth will prevail - I wish her that.


Vlad, Lanivan may not be ignorant as you say. But because she keeps pushing the false narratives you speak of, it gives that very appearance. I remember back in Nov. 2016 how off the rails she went when Hillary lost. It explains much and as with all leftists, the narrative they are being fed by their media is exactly what they want to believe is the truth. Even when it is not anywhere near it, they so want to believe it is true that it is to them and no one can tell them any different. Not you, not I, not anyone who thinks rationally and logically. Leftists (and I refuse to call them liberals which implies they are open in their thoughts to listen to all points of view) are the most close-minded, dogmatic individuals on planet Earth. I'm thinking from reading your comment that it is really not worthwhile and it is counterproductive for me to engage her with any more of my comments. Let her spew her nonsense and just stick to posting my thoughts independent of that. I may have a rebuttal, but will not do it directly.Thank you for the insight and God bless you.

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