To impeach or not to impeach

To the editor,

This presidency continues to be marked by scandal and spectacle. Now Mr. Trump, to win re-election in 2020, has attempted to extort a foreign government (Ukraine) into announcing an investigation of his top political rival. And contrary to solid intelligence data, he has tried to revive a conspiracy theory that casts doubt over whether the Russians interfered in the 2016 election on his behalf and put to rest questions about his legitimacy. To accomplish this, he withheld nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine. The polite description of his actions would be “Quid Pro Quo,” but it is outright bribery.

The facts have been clearly presented by well-respected diplomatic and military personnel, who the GOP have since attempted to smear. It’s also clear that most of Trump’s lackeys were participants in all of this (Pompeo, Mulvaney, Pence) and he solicited his attorney (Giuliani) to set up a back channel to Ukraine officials to achieve his goals. Although they all deny Trump’s direct involvement, nothing happens without Trump’s approval. And he obstructed this investigation by preventing staff personnel from testifying, in the same way he obstructed the Mueller investigation.

I applaud the Democrats for doing their job and conducting the investigation into Trump’s attack on the constitutional values which are the foundation of our democracy. He needs to be held accountable. Do I believe Mr. Trump will be impeached? No. The Republicans have chosen to be complicit in blindly following Trump’ fantasies. I don’t suppose that’s because he offered to help fund their re-election campaigns if they support him. Imagine that, another form of bribery! It’s what he does.

What bothers me the most is the American public may become so desensitized to his absurd behavior, they accept this as the new normal. That could be disastrous for our country.

Stewart Veeck

Grand Haven Township

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There is absolutely no proof for impeachment. In my opinion this is an obvious situation of deep hate towards a appropriately elected President. What other conclusion can one come to when the "impeachment" push started literally minutes after he was sworn in? Democrats are blinded and are driving the car over the cliff. That's what hate does, it destroys. The simple fact is the far left Dems simply don't like the President and will literally do anything to remove him. Complete foolishness on their part.


If we are fortunate Edwards, this fiasco by the Dems will cost them control of the House next fall. That would definitely be fitting.


Like the Democrat Soviet-style impeachment show trial, the author of this letter demonstrates he lacks relevant and critical pieces of information – Facts! Like:

• The transcript of our President’s call with Ukraine’s President proves there was no coercion, quid pro quo, bribery (Mr. Vindman confirmed, under oath, that the transcript is accurate);

• The ‘favor’ our President requested was that Ukraine look into Crowdstrike, the only entity that looked into the hack of the Democrat server (they refused to permit the FBI to examine their server);

• The diplomats who testified in the show trial only knew what other people told them, and were all Obama holdovers; ;

• That Ukraine attempted to interfere with the election on Hillary’s behalf was reported on in detail by Politico and the New York Times and confirmed by a court of law in Ukraine; ;

• Upholding the Constitutional Separation of Powers is only obstruction to those who are ignorant of history and precedent (like when Obama stopped his Wingman and Attorney General from testifying in the Fast and Furious Scandal);

This serving of weak tea demonstrates superbly that the Democrats and their zombie-like followers have nothing and this show trial is a desperate attempt to weaken an increasingly popular President who is more popular than Obama, the One they were waiting for, at the same time in his Presidency, despite a constant stream of negative left-wing media propaganda.


Vlad, yours is a perfect description for Stewart - "zombie". Stewart wants to believe everything he wrote so badly that anything to the contrary is disregarded. I fear for Stewart next spring when the Senate impeachment trial doesn't convict and remove Trump; and next fall when Trump is re-elected. He will get so hysterical, he will present a danger to himself and others. Prime candidate for that red flag thing.


Excellent facts. This guy is simply operating on emotion in my opinion, appears very bitter.

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