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Essentially, what Trump, the GOP, and the ignorant (willfully) followers - apparently including Dr. Vladtheimp - are running roughshod over US democracy is this:

The loser (Trump) tells everyone that he won, despite all evidence to the contrary--(seems like the perfect metaphor for everything in trump's life - google it. The guy is a lifelong crook and con man).

Just lie and you can pretend you are winning. Repeat it often enough, and your willfully ignorant followers will swallow it, hook, line, and sinker. Authoritarian strategy/philosophy 101.

Dr. Vladtheimp


What is the actual truth? If you believe that Joe Biden won the election fairly why wouldn’t you want an independent forensic audit of the ballots and voting machines in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona where election irregularities were obvious? You should want a forensic audit if you really believe that hundreds of thousands of votes suddenly appeared in the dead of night, most for Joe Biden who stayed in his basement instead of campaigning nationwide, who is clearly cognitively challenged, and allegedly received more votes than Barack Obama. Because, quite frankly, only if you believe that and are not covering up what happened would you not want a forensic audit. You need to ask yourself when you read what you assumed to be the truth who wrote those stories? Who benefits from the story? Who is missing from the story? If you can’t answer these questions honestly, then maybe you should question your conclusions if you wish to be a good citizen. It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat. If you a concerned citizen you should want answers. Posturing by politicians and internet posts will not get to the heart of what happened.


It's funny, but I don't remember you calling for a "forensic audit" after the 2016 election, when Donald Trump won Michigan on a razor-thin margin while under a Republican state government, against most of the polling predictions and the general trends in the upper Midwest. Donald Trump's victory in 2016 was a far more surprising result, historically and politically speaking, than Joe Biden's win in 2020. And yet I don't -- and didn't -- claim that the 2016 election was stolen.

It's almost like you're some kind of hypocrite who only cries, "Fraud!" when the other side wins. I despise Donald Trump and his many enablers, but I would never deny that he won the 2016 election by winning more votes in the battleground states.

People like you are doing enormous damage to the republic by stoking this narrative of a stolen election. If we lose faith in the democratic process, writ large, we are steering our way into a mindset that violence, street action, and post-vote manipulation determine an outcome, and at that point, we cease to have a democratic, representative system at all.

Yea, Buddy

Democrats are fighting the audits fiercely. Why? Az just completed theirs, the audit team agreed to not compare ballot signatures (why?) ; mail in ballots showed no sign of ever being folded.....

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