A lesson in ignorance

To the editor,

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A Purposeful Misunderstanding? I first thought the author of this letter may have a misunderstanding of the English language to so misunderstand the article of Cal Thomas, but a quick search indicates he is a full professor of English at Grand Valley State.

This leads to the conclusion that everything he got wrong was intentional.

1. Thomas was simply referring to his recitation of the Netflix film where the Queen aborted a coup like the one being run by Democrats against President Trump by declaring we the people should decide whether to re-elect the President in the 2020 election. He was obviously not expressing allegiance to a foreign country.

2. Article II Section 4 of the Constitution does not state “as soon as possible” – the author made that up. It also does not say “after impeachment” but rather after impeachment and conviction.. Notice that using fair procedures that did not deprive a President of his Constitutional rights as the Democrats have in these show trials, the House impeached Bill Clinton in about a month and a half for the proven crimes after a four (4) year investigation by the Independent Counsel for perjury in a trial of his sexual assault of Paula Jones and obstruction of Justice for suborning (Telling others to lie under oath). The Democrats are doing it in weeks without any non-partisan investigation on the counts of their Articles of Impeachment.

3. Thomas is not “told” by anyone what to write and there is no ‘indefinite” delay – the election is less than a year away.

4. Thomas never wrote that “the Constitution and democracy are two different entities and that democracy (elections) has a priority” – he wrote “While impeachment is a constitutional process, democracy is a greater one. The phrase "We the people" in the Preamble was critical to the Founders. It separated America from the notion that the state and its leader — whether kings, queens, or dictators — and testimony from un-elected bureaucrats is supreme. It says the people possess ultimate power.” What he clearly stated is that impeachment is a Constitutional process

but democracy, the will of the people is more important, especially since the Constitution does not demand speed in the process and the people will express their decision in less than a year, much less depending on the trial in the Senate.

And Thomas seems to forget that we are a Representative Democracy and a Constitutional Republic

The misrepresentations in this Letter To The Editor are disgraceful, but Elite, Ivory Tower Academic. . . .


And the irony of the letter title - "A Lesson in Ignorance". Dr. Ivo sure gave us one. Just not sure he was referring to his own ignorance.


He apparently isn't aware there was no bribery, treason, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, which he calls "other offenses". Basically there wasn't even a proven crime committed. Dems continue to dig the hole deeper.

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