Huizenga takes action

To the editor,

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Lanivan, Based on your response that you just can't seem to control, it's easy to see how easily you are manipulated due to a lack of apparent wisdom. Now that's a waste.


To Matt Wiedenhoeft: There appears to be another side to this story.


More garbage from Lanivan the troll. Bitter with never a good thing to say. What a sad existence


My, how you do carry on when confronted with actual facts - these from Wood TV 8, for the love of Pete! - that show a very different side to the situation from that which is described in the Letter to the Editor! It's tough when you have nothing to support your opinions, and instead must rely on feelings, prejudices, and juvenile insults.


He got you to respond though. Maybe after one of your lectures you should require the person to go to bed withiout supper.


What say, edwards1......nothing to say about the fact that this Letter to the Editor appears to contain erroneous information? Nothing to rebut my Wood TV 8 links that tell a different story - that mail sorting equipment had been taken apart with nothing to replace it, and with photos to prove it? That Huizenga either apparently deliberately chose to ignore it or to believe what he was told without confirming it? Only resorting to mindless trolling comments? what a waste.

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