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To the editor,

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Richard maybe you should go write for the Holland Sentinal like Rob Davison and spare us in Grand Haven of your misguided rants


Which Richard? They're both a couple of ignoramuses. I wonder what Richard Brouwer thought of Mitt Romney in the Fall of 2012? I'd bet it's probably diametrically opposite of what he wrote now.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Surely the best way to rid ourselves of this orange demon is elect a Socialist in 2020. That should be easy since each of the remaining Democrat candidates is a Socialist. Unfortunately Democrat voters and their Wall Street Contributors have eliminated all Black, Brown, and Yellow candidates, but there is still a large field of rich, White candidates from which to choose.

Should the choice focus on the Socialist’s maturity? If so, on election day:

Bernard Sanders will be 79

Michael Bloomberg will be 78

Joseph Biden will be one month short of 78

Elizabeth Warren will be 77

Amy Klochubar will be 60

Should the choice be on the Socialist’s sex? Amy and Elizabeth identify as cis-gendered women.

Should the choice be made on the Socialist’s sexual choice?

Peter Buttigieg is a practicing homosexual.

Should the choice be made on how the Socialist treats people?

Bloomberg’s history is to single Black citizens out for drug crimes, stop and frisk them instead of White people and throw them against cars.

Butigieg is hated by the large Black community in the small city he governed as Mayor.

Klochubar is known as being mean, petty, and abusive to people who work for her.

Warren’s reputation is being untruthful and phony, while taking a job by claiming to be a woman of color.

At least they all agree on giving free health care to illegal aliens, but it’s unclear which of them would follow Obama’s policy of weaponizing brown children in cages.

Elections are hard – decisions to destroy American values, history, culture and the economy because of hatred of our current President make them harder.

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