Trust in Trump

To the editor,

Many GOP’ers derive and hold onto their trust in Donald Trump based on their orientation toward truth. Their truth test is faith. The GOP is male dominated tending toward an authoritarian and hierarchical form of organization. Its conservative fundamentalist religious base also reflects male domination. It tends to reject truth derived by science, reason and egalitarian values. This can be seen by rejection of human-caused global warming threats, evolution, and an independent human viability test for life reflected in the Roe v. Wade court decision. The GOP accordingly finds change hard to accept out of anxiety and fear as new truths emerge.

Democrats welcome diversity, science and an evidence basis for truth vs. faith. As a party, it welcomes women who, on the whole, value non-authoritarian, horizontal forms of organization. It has more of an orientation toward the future, equality and concern for nurturing meaningful lives in a cooperative community, even a global community. We are talking here of renaissance values vs. ancient doctrinal religious truths. Trust and faith are welcome, but have to be tempered in a modern secular society guided by a secular written constitution.

Bob Collins

Spring Lake

Time to stand up

To the editor,

Despite al-Baghdadi’s death, people you know may be injured and possibly killed because of Trump’s recklessness. He showed the nation an altered hurricane map – putting people in the real path of the hurricane at risk.

Without warning our soldiers, or State or Defense departments, he tweeted a withdrawal of our troops (some from Michigan) from Syria. They retreated so quickly our planes bombed our bases afterwards, so the Russians, Iranians and Syrians couldn’t use them. Fortunately, no Americans were killed – this time.

He gave Syria, Iran, the Kurds and Turkey to Russia. Besides allowing the ethnic cleansing of our allies, the Kurds, hundreds and perhaps thousands of ISIS prisoners were released. These actions make our next 9/11 more likely.

He plays fast and loose with classified information.

After giving part of Ukraine to Russia, he withheld military aid to the Ukrainians until the press pointed it out – aid they badly needed to fight the Russians. If Russia wins the war in Ukraine, we’ll all be less safe.

He utterly failed with Kim, the North Korean dictator, so Korean sub-based nuclear missiles will soon be able to reach Michigan. He created another hostile nuclear power – Iran.

It’s time for Bill Huizenga to stand up to this impulsive, dangerous president!

Tom Donahue

Grand Haven

Put country before party

To the editor,

The current administration in Washington reminds me of the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland.” Republicans have normalized Trump’s corrupt behavior and allowed the party to become the “Cult of Trump.” They followed Trump down the rabbit hole into fantasy land and now they are twisting themselves into knots trying to defend his indefensible conduct. Party leaders have swallowed their criticisms and openly endorsed Trump’s behavior. He has hammered away at what the GOP once saw as foundational virtues: decency, honesty, responsibility. He now asks them to substitute loyalty to him in place of their patriotism. Like the Queen of Hearts, he runs around yelling “off with their heads” aimed at anyone who has the audacity to disagree with him.

To stifle criticism, he has surrounded himself with “yes men.” Secretary Pompeo and AG Barr are prime examples of Trump lackeys (Tweedledee and Tweedledum). Mr. Barr has done nothing but act on Trump’s conspiracy theories, and Mr. Pompeo has turned our State Department into shambles. Numerous politicians have prostrated themselves to please Mr. Trump, only to be abandoned. That’s the way of all autocrats. And 21 GOP members of Congress have decided not to run for re-election, hopefully as a matter of conscience.

Relative the impeachment inquiry, Trump has repeatedly attempted to obstruct the inquiry. The question is: Will the GOP commit their party wholly to Trump, embracing even his most anti-democratic actions or will they choose to ride their party to political victory on the four horsemen of calumny – fear, ignorance, bigotry and smear? They have a responsibility to condemn the president’s behavior and reject his tactics. Trump is not only unstable but a threat to our democracy. The American people should not uphold any party that puts political exploitation above national interest. If the GOP wants to survive, it’s time to put country before party.

Stewart Veeck

Grand Haven Township

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Well said T Bird


Bob Collins - Total garbage. Leftists are the most dogmatic in their beliefs. Much more than any conservative is. As Edwards said, they embrace diversity when people agree with their views.

Tom Donahue - "He plays fast and loose with classified information." No that would be Hillary Clinton who recklessly handled classified information with her home brewed bathroom server and if she were not one of the elites, would have been locked up and had the key thrown away. That's just for the commons I guess.

And Tom, it was Obama in 2014 who allowed Russia to take the Crimea from Ukraine, not Trump. Not surprising Tom made that error. 2014 is also the time frame of all the pictures of kids in cages at the border that Obama had constructed that year. By the way, what's going on with this? Seems the media has forgotten all about the border crisis. It is very evident that Tom will do anything to protect "The Precious". Tom is a Fake News subscriber for sure.

And Stewart Veeck, well we'll need to watch him closely a year from now. When Trump is re-elected Stewart may try and jump off the drawbridge or worse. Most of his diatribe here is a lesson in projection. Everything he states of the Republicans is what the Democrats are doing. Hopefully their foray with the sham impeachment will cause them to go extinct. But I doubt it. They are protected by their Fake News media.


Bob, the only time Democrats embrace diversity is when that diversity includes people agreeing with their definition of it. Your views are simply post modernistic.

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