Ignoring the disaster?

To the editor,

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Dr. Vladtheimp


Don’t be fooled – the misnamed “For The People Act” is Pelosi’s attempt to enshrine voter fraud, disenfranchise American citizens, and take power away from the State of Michigan and place it in the hands of the D.C. Swamp Creatures. It is also unquestionably Unconstitutional.

This 800 page monstrosity:

• Eliminates constitutional right of State Legislatures to set election procedures

• Requires States to automatically register voters; to permit same day registration even on election day

• Expands mail-in voting, offer online registration, prevent updated voter rolls, allow felons to vote

• Makes D.C. a State

The Democrats stole the 2020 election by politicizing COVID 19 and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Now they don’t want to have to find excuses to steal future elections – they want useful idiots to misrepresent this bill and empower politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. to making the theft ‘legal.’

They don’t trust that Democrat State and Local politicians will always succeed in doing their dirty work for them.



The Brennan Center for Justice: "This historic legislation responds to twin crises facing our country: the attack on democracy, epitomized in the assault on the Capitol on January 6, and the urgent demand for racial justice. It is based on the key insight that the best way to defend democracy is to strengthen democracy. If enacted, it would be the most significant voting rights and democracy reform in more than half a century."

There is also another urgent need to pass this bill - in light of the unprecedented turn-out in the last election, the GOP is frantically submitting a tidal wave of voter suppression legislation in Republican-controlled states. Desperate Republicans are attempting to ramp up their ongoing attempts to subvert the Constitution and free and fair democratic elections through voter suppression tactics because they all understand one basic fact (and have for decades):

Because Republican policies and ideologies are deeply unpopular with Americans, the only way they can win elections is through voter suppression. Inversely, when more Americans vote, Republicans lose.



Janet Joiner your second grade fantasy letter should have been submitted to your teacher not the Tribune

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