Forget you have a gun

To the editor,

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Ms. Newman: I agree 100% with your hope that people could just tuck their guns away in a safe place and forget about them. But, unfortunately, the chances of that happening on a wide scale are minimal.

Sadly, the identity of many gun owners is wrapped up in their guns, how many they own, how much killing power they have, and how they depend on their gun stash to keep them going through life, apparently.

Gun ownership, and especially open carry for many, is glorified in America as being somehow "patriotic" and necessary, which thanks to loose gun laws full of loopholes with many states not even requiring permits or registration, and no proof of gun training to open carry is becoming a reality in this country where there are more guns in private ownership than the total US population.

The rest of us do not have the luxury of being able to tuck away and forget one glaring factoid: In 2020 through October 27, 2021, there were 470 mass shootings, with 482 dead and 1,927 injured, making a total of 2, 409 victims........and we still have November and December left in the year!


Leslie Newman, please get educated. Automatic weapons are not legal to own. You are the fool in the room...again

Yea, Buddy

Take up badminton or ping pong. Guns are OK, man. The term is "semi-automatic" for individual ownership. Bird watching is also a good suggestion...

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