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The misinformation, disinformation, dissembling, and blatant attempts to divert and confuse from the right-wing comments here about HR1 - For The People Act - is stupefying. For anyone reading who wants to get the facts, and only the facts, I suggest this website:

HR1 is serious reform that is essential in combating the 361 voter suppression bills GOP lawmakers in 47 states that have one purpose only - to restrict voting to make it harder and more inconvenient to vote, which is a major constitutional right for all American citizens.

The GOP is scrambling to change voting laws that have worked well for decades - many passed by Republicans - because some people do not like the outcome of the 2020 election.

The most craven aspect of these voter suppression bills is that it gives the majority party (they are counting on that to be Republicans, thanks to gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics they rely on to win) the power to overturn the results of fair and free elections - IF they DO NOT like the results!!

This is NOT is anti-democracy at it's core and must be stopped. These bills are built on the lie that this election was "stolen", despite the fact that federal and state administrative national security and election experts, including 69 federal courts of law up to the Supreme Court say was a secure and fair election with no evidence of voter fraud.

The GOP knows that, 1. It loses elections when more people vote. 2. There was an unprecedented turn-out of voters in the 2020 election. 3. They lost big-time. 4. Right-wing GOP policies are NOT popular with the vast majority of Americans. They are desperate to rig future elections, and then of course, there is this: Leaked audio from a Koch Bros super PAC meeting expresses fear that most Americans in general support the For The People Act (HR1)...."This popular legislation, if enacted, will prevent billionaires from buying elections." O, the horror!!


Another month, another fact-free post from Kamiscke. Especially egregious in his story-telling here is the claim that the Georgia voting law criminalizes giving food & water to voters in line. It does prohibit this practice by political operatives of either party within 150 feet of the polling venue. Kamiscke is either a liar or is an ignorant nincompoop not to realize that many states already have this same provision in place. This includes both New York and President Biden's home state of Delaware. These are hardly bastions of the Republicans. And Kamiscke, as a lot of other Lefties/Democrats, is quick to compare the new law with the Jim Crow laws that inhibited POC from voting in the past. This is pure projection to try to obfuscate the fact that the Jim Crow laws were devised by Lefties/Democrats. It is like these folks are trying to erase this fact from history and project it on present day Conservatives/Republicans. You can pretty much rely on Kamiscke and the resident Clueless Dupe of the Tribune comment board for their fact-free posts that are either outright lies or present their opinion as facts.

Dr. Vladtheimp


When one of the Trib’s leftist joy/soy boys touts a Pelosi bill, you know it’s engineered to steal your rights and give the Democrats more power.

H.R.1 takes away Constitutional authority from Michigan Representatives and Senators and moves it to Washington, D.C. (California, New York, Illinois, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey). Sound like something that will be good for Michiganders?

H.R.1 mandates to the States:

• Requires states to count mail-in votes that arrive up to ten days after Election Day. • Requires states to allow ballot harvesting. • Requires states to ban voter ID laws. • Requires states to allow bureaucrats to redraw congressional districts. • Requires states to allow felons to vote. • Requires states to undermine free-speech rights by imposing “onerous legal and administrative burdens on candidates, civic groups, unions, nonprofit organizations.” • Requires states to have 15 days of early voting • Requires states to have both online and automatic voter registration • Requires states to keep ineligible voters on their rolls • Prohibits states from reviewing eligibility of voters

If this monstrosity ever passes the Senate and escapes a Supreme Court challenge, we might as well follow the directions given to schoolchildren in the 50’s about surviving a nuclear attack.

And learn to love Communism.

Yea, Buddy

HR-1 is indeed a massive power grab by the democrats. Pretty much legalizes election fraud. Single day of voting, zero mail in ballots other that military or medically confined, voter ID & citizenship to vote. Period. Integrity restored.




Oh dear, Edwards 1! You seem so tired and listless.... good, clean, livin' will do you wonders, as my late Father used to say!

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