Long live the King!

To the editor,

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Poor Dr. Ivo. This is the most irrational diatribe from him yet. He seems to be totally broken now. If reality were occurring as he seems to believe, this would be Dr. Ivo's last letter to the editor as "the King/Dictator" would have him disappear from recorded history. Fortunately, in reality there is no "King/Dictator" to infringe on his freedoms as he seems to believe. I sincerely hope for Dr. Ivo's well-being that his loved ones perform an intervention and get him the mental illness help he desperately needs. Maybe a long rest at a quiet place will help him recover. Dr. Ivo - I will be praying you get better soon.

Note: I do not mean the above flippantly. Mental illness is no joke and Dr. Ivo is in a bad place right now. I really feel he could be a danger to himself and others if he doesn't get help. Please get help.


Long Live The Constitution!

Mr. Solijan is unhappy that the United States Constitution was again triumphant when the Senate corrected the unconstitutional attempt to remove the duly elected President of the United States by a partisan legislative coup, and the true rulers of America, its citizen-voters, are free to elect the next President as they have for 231 years.

Ivo apparently believes to this day, evidence and the Mueller Report notwithstanding, in the various charges the plotters of the coup d'état invented to justify their unprecedented and undemocratic coup:

Collusion With Russia

Obstruction of Justice


Quid Pro Quo



Obstruction of Congress


Mr. Solijan ‘s heroes in the medieval melodrama he created (much like the fantasies of failed fabulist Adam Schiff) are Pelosi, Queen of Dentures; Schumer, Lord of Whining, Comey, Saint of Leaking; McCabe, Knight Traitor, Strzok & Page, Vassals of Eros and Insurance Policies; Vindman, Light Knight, and many others in the FBI and the Intelligence Agencies who had been placed there during the regime of Emperor Obama who ruled a failing kingdom with a pen and a phone.

Poor Mr. Solijan, his hopes that our President could be removed for the High Crimes of: (1) Beating Hillary Clinton;

(2) Proving a non-politician can run rings around those who believe they are entitled to rule over us; (3) Attracting supporters from all citizens, including blue collar workers, union and non-union; Blacks, Hispanics, people of both sexes, college and non-college educated; (4) stopping the advance of socialism / communism; and (5) Making America Great Again!

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