The Michigan Board of Canvassers did the right thing last week when they certified the results from November’s general election. I do not believe this election was executed flawlessly; however, I have not seen evidence that suggests the results of any statewide election will be overturned.

Over the last month, we have heard several largely unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in Southeast Michigan. To be clear, while it is completely unacceptable that 70 percent of precincts in Detroit have unbalanced poll books, leaving them unable to recount their results, the simple fact remains that this appears to be the result of human error, not large-scale voter fraud.

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With all due respect, Vladtheimp, who should we and your remarks, impressive as they are if not a little on the wordy side, or 43 courts/judges who have thrown out Trump's litigation machine as baseless, redundant, and lacking evidence? He's won one court case based on a minor technicality. In this instance, Jim Lilly is correct - there is no there there. As for Trump, let's just cut to the chase. He'll spend the rest of his life saying the election was stolen from him........but he knows he lost, fair and square.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Sorry - It's Hillary who has spent the rest of her life saying the election was stolen from her, with no evidence to the contrary.


In the spirit of facts, you might be interested (or maybe not!) to know Trump's litigation con is now at 1-46. That's 46 losses - they have been given over a month since the election to make headway with their claims, and all they have to show for their attempts to steal the election from the winner chosen by the voters is 46 losses and 2 statewide recounts. "Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan, all states in which Trump contested the vote, have already certified their election results for Biden. In all six of those states, judges have ruled that Trump’s lawyers have provided no evidence of fraud. They have used words like “baseless,” “flimsy,” “obviously lacking,” “dangerous,” and “not credible.”" Heather Cox Richardson.

Looks like if this keeps up, we're headed toward sedition territory!


Take your blind fold off Lilly. If the circumstances were reversed there would be total outrage. Hundreds off eye witness reports are indeed evidence. This was blantant in nature. Your bar must be really low. Share your propaganda with someone else.


I can't imagine a scenario where the circumstances would be reversed.

Oh, by the way, this evening, another loss - "The Michigan Court of Appeals on Friday rejected an appeal from the Trump presidential campaign challenging Michigan's election results, in the latest in a series of court defeats for the president.

In a 2-1 decision, the court chastised the campaign for dragging its feet on the appeal, said the certification of Michigan's election results by the Board of State Canvassers in the interim had made the lawsuit moot, and said that if the Trump campaign wanted to challenge the results it could have requested a recount, but did not.

"Plaintiff failed to follow clear law in Michigan relative to such matters," the court said." Incompetence, ineptness, sloppy legal team - the bottom of the barrel but you work with what you got at this point in time.

Dr. Vladtheimp

Lilly Livered Blindness

I guess if one was a spineless jellyfish masquerading as a Republican representative, more interested in currying favor with the leaders of his party and the Whitmer machine than protecting the votes of his constituents, this column would make sense.

Not enough evidence? How hard did he look – answer, he didn’t. Maybe Mr. Lilly doesn’t know that eyewitness testimony in submitted affidavits is DIRECT EVIDENCE of the fraudulent and illegal actions testified to – not to mention video evidence presented. How does he quantify this evidence as to the number of votes stolen?

Not enough evidence? There were significant forensic studies presented identifying the fraud – representing impossible results from turnout to ballot dumps to impossible vote gaps. If this were a murder the Democrats would be convicted on DNA alone – Maybe Mr. Lilly doesn’t know that DNA is merely a quantification of statistical probabilities.

Maybe Mr. Lilly doesn’t know that Article II, Section I, Clause II of the U.S. Constitution states:

“Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress”

NOT the courts – and as I recall Mr. Lilly was elected by citizens of Ottawa County, not Wayne County, to represent us in the Michigan legislature.

So now Mr. Lilly wants to support a lengthy in-depth review to ensure Democrats don’t repeat their theft – don’t prosecute thieves but conduct a study to put better locks in place – if he were a rancher, Lilly would make a fortune selling barn door closers. This is the most insulting part of a completely insulting column – Lilly thinks he can convince us it’s raining as he peas on our leg.

Mr. Lily will stand a better chance of capturing a seat from Detroit (whose voters he appears to represent) than getting another vote from me. Thanks for disenfranchising your constituents, Jim.

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