‘The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control and outnumbers both of the other classes.” – Aristotle

Since the Republican gerrymandering of 2012, Republicans have controlled both the House and the Senate in the state of Michigan. In this same time frame, the Michigan Republican Party has maintained its unrelenting attack on the middle class.

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Dr. Vladtheimp


So, Michigan’s decline started in 2012 – what might have caused that? Probably just coincidence that year was the end of eight years of the failed policies of the beauty queen turned Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Regarding the $12 minimum wage (in 2022) the Michigan legislature passed it into law in a bi-partisan vote. Oh no, those dastardly Republicans passed the law Mark now bemoans – there’s just no pleasing Leftists.

And then there’s the Chinese virus – those vicious Michigan Republicans didn’t hold one public hearing on how to stop the virus – uh, a public hearing would solve the problem? Did Whitless hold public hearings before she shut down Michigan? If there a public health office in Michigan under the Governor (the Executive Branch)? Well, yes – Health and Hunan Services including theBureau of Epidemiology and Public Health.

Republicans have failed to support small business and protect the Middle Class? Whitless destroyed Small Business and the Middle Class using powers she didn’t have under the Constitution, supported wholeheartedly by the Democrats. Democrats in Washington decided to give Michigan workers $600 while giving billions to foreign governments – supported by Michigan Democrats – and were willing to shut down the Government to protect their pork gifted with Michigan tax dollars.

Say it plainly Mark – you’re upset that Republicans locally and nationally haven’t saved us from the policies of Democrats like Whitmer and Pelosi, but fear not – now that you have cheated to place Applesauce and Cackles as President and Vice President, all will be well.


They are legally elected and represent their districts...why don’t you run in the next election it would be fun to see you waste the time and money. PEACE


Right poodle. I assume you are one of the rich that GOP helps.


You know what happens when you assume......


Rottweiler, fyi, I was not calling you a name. I was referring to the "Poodle" comment that Maryal74 made. My comment was directed at her/him.


Poodle? Are you in sixth grade?


DS523 do your parents know you are on the internet calling adults names?

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