The U.S. Capitol Building, on Jan. 16, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

Official Washington, D.C., just got another early warning. The Congressional Budget Office recently confirmed the Medicare trustees’ 2020 report that the Medicare trust fund – the Part A account that funds the hospitalization and related services – faces insolvency in 2026.

Insolvency means that Medicare wouldn’t be able to fully reimburse hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies for promised benefits. In 2026, Medicare payments would be immediately cut by 10 percent, and the payment cuts would continue each year thereafter.

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Congressional Republicans have adopted a policy of NO, Veto, and Obstruction for the last decade+ when it comes to addressing these major issues that deeply affect most all Americans. It seems they aren't particularly interested in governing with the exceptions of tax cuts, business deregulations, wars, and putting the screws to popular, beneficial, and efficiently-administered social programs.

Congress has had the information as explained in this article for decades, but Republicans have closed their eyes and turned their heads when it came to negotiating long-term solutions to Social Security/Medicare.....because of "ideology". The infamous Tea Party/Freedom Caucus (of which our Rep. Bill Huizenga is a member) was instrumental in refusing to budge on even discussions of solutions, obstructing legislation over and over.

I guess it is up to Democrats, once again, to make the hard decisions and to keep the country strong. What a disgrace.

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