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Dr. Vladtheimp

Democrat Policies Are Deadly

Since COVID 19 was the driver for Democrats to unconstitutionally eviscerate State election laws without legislative action and install the handlers of Joey Biden into the Presidency, it's unsurprising they would flog this faltering horse to achieve more control over us 'little people' through various illegal federal mandates. When Little Richard explains in one of his tedious lectures why the Democrat's insist on "one size fits all" and thus natural immunity obtained by recovery from the Chinese Flu, which is proven to be more effective than the jab, must be ignored, maybe he might be considered worthy of some respect. He might also mention the proven efficacy of therapeutics, including Ivermectin and the many Democrat approved exceptions to the vaccine mandate - most notably illegal invaders, unvetted Afghanis and union workers. (Post Office).

But of course, the Chinese Flu is all the Democrats have so they use it as a shiny object to distract folks from their many failures and transgressions: the Thousands left stranded in Afghanistan and the $Billions in equipment left for terrorist use; their open border policy that spreads the Chinese Flu and harms American workers and taxpayers; their fiscal policies that result in record inflation and higher taxes to all workers, not just the rich; their support for the racialist Critical Race Theory and Defund the Police; and their support for the incompetent Milley and Austin, among many others,

Funny how Little Richard has donned skirt and pom-poms to become the head cheerleader for the vaccines that were developed in record time thanks to the unwavering support of President Trump and his Operation Warp Speed - has he ignored or forgotten that, or is Orange Man Good?

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