Safety should be top concern

To the editor,

To the Tribune Editorial Board: Your recent majority editorial opinion concerning the Grand Haven Memorial Airport was short-sighted, missed a key point and did not take into consideration other troubling issues related to the airport. Nowhere in your opinion was the noise factor considered regarding the 55 or so single-engine planes housed in the 68 rental hangars at the airport. The noise from these small planes create a constant buzz overhead from their taking off/landing, circling, skydiving and flight touch-and-go training exercises. This noise is just as much a nuisance from the sky above as any other public nuisance on the ground. Yet, your opinion was more concerned that “fuel sales are taking off.” Or that a skydiving operation “has doubled its hangar space.” It really isn’t all about making a buck for the city or for the airport clients.

Full disclosure should also be made about the users of the airport to clearly inform our residents underneath these operations about their safety records and past incidents. Such as the news reports about three skydiving incidents with injuries and other skydiving issues at previous airports. The recent ghost parachute landing in the Pottawattomie Bayou startled area residents. Why are we putting our first responders to the incident at risk rescuing an empty parachute? Perhaps a complaint filed with the FAA regional director and the FAA aviation noise ombudsman may produce more insightful data about the Grand Haven Memorial Airport operations.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Safety should be the top consideration for all stakeholders including pilots, skydivers, passengers, flight trainers, flight trainees and most of all the residents below these operations. “Economic benefits” in dollars and cents does not preclude safety. Let’s do our due diligence and homework before any serious airport incident occurs.

Tim Tarczynski

Grand Haven Township

Guns should be locked up

To the editor,

Finally the president has spoken. But did he say anything we haven’t heard before? Twenty-nine more people dead, dozens wounded, and the hundreds of family members and friends grieving. This is a national problem happening all over our country. When is our national leader going to marshall the resources necessary to find a solution to this senseless murder of our fellow citizens?

Better background checks are not the answer, although it would help. Many of the shooters did not buy the weapons they used. They either obtained them illegally or took them from the homes of family or friends. The only way this can be stopped is to require gun owners to keep their guns locked up when they are not carrying them. If a person wants to own a gun, he/she must agree to keep it locked up.

Additionally, they must be held responsible if their gun is used by someone else in the commission of a crime. There is no easy solution. Mental illness is just an easy excuse that the gun lobby uses to prevent greater gun control. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could identify and cure this mental illness? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our president would take the lead in addressing this terrible, national epidemic? I hope he takes the advice of someone who knows what they’re doing! Not the NRA.

Bill Weideman

Grand Haven

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No, this is not a 'nationwide problem.'

The majority of murders in the U.S. occur in only a small percentage of counties across the country. - 68 percent of killings occurring in small areas of just 5 percent of the nation’s counties. Additionally, counties with the lowest murder rates have high rates of gun ownership. The writer would limit the right to self-defense of the vast majority of law abiding citizens exercising their Constitutional rights.

If Constitutional rights can be so easily infringed, maybe we should limit the due process rights of convicted felons for additional crimes.


So the Tribune is forcing you to buy a subscription to gain full online access. Good luck with that.

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