Covid Update

Ottawa County's confirmed cases of COVID-19 reached 523 on Saturday, with 24 confirmed deaths. 

There are an additional 65 probable cases and probable deaths attributed to coronavirus, according to the Ottawa County Department of Public Health. 

The county's hospitalization rate is now at 12 percent, with 125 people confirmed recovered from the virus. 

There are now 81 confirmed cases in the 49417 zip code, and 21 confirmed cases in the 49456 area code. 

Virus cases, deaths rise but at a slow pace, state reports

LANSING (AP) — Coronavirus cases grew by a small percentage while deaths increased by 55, the Michigan health department said Saturday.

The state noted that 19 of the deaths could have occurred days or weeks ago. Some information takes time to get recorded as records are reviewed and matched.

The statewide number of confirmed virus cases reached at least 50,504, compared to 50,079 reported Friday. More than 28,000 people have recovered.

The number of Michigan deaths from COVID-19 stands at 4,880.

The Corrections Department said 28,124 prisoners have been tested, with half the results still pending. Nearly 2,300 have tested positive for the virus, and 55 prisoners have died.

In Detroit, 44 people died in the past seven days, compared to 67 in the previous seven-day period, health officer Denise Fair said Saturday.

"Our overall week-to-week trend is continuing in the right direction. ... I applaud the unwavering spirit of Detroiters who are taking this crisis seriously by wearing their mask, social distancing and other precautions to beat COVID-19 in our community," Fair said.

In western Michigan, a 10-day summer tradition won't be held in July. It would have been the 105th Ionia Free Fair, which draws people far beyond Ionia County.

"Even if all current restrictions were lifted, we struggled with the fact that the fair would have to take into account some sense of social distancing, and then the question of how to ensure that all the rides were being properly disinfected on a regular basis," said fair board president Lisa Sanford.

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