Grand Haven Tribune: Siblings recreate newspaper photo 50 years later

Siblings recreate newspaper photo 50 years later

Becky Vargo • Oct 19, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Mary Schultz said she hadn’t laughed so hard or as much in such a long time as she did when she and her three Schroeder siblings recreated a pose for a picture that appeared in the Grand Haven Tribune in August 1968.

The Detroit-area residents spent summers in Spring Lake as children. They recently returned to Grand Haven for a reunion and get-away weekend.

“I don't remember being photographed the first time, but being with my brother and sisters to do a reshoot was amazing,” Schultz said. “A kind gentleman from the farm market took the photo of all of us.”

The turtle statue in the 1968 photo was at Rix Robinson Park near Grand Isle Marina. Mary and Terry were age 6 at the time. Margaret and John were ages 5 and 3. 

Prior to recreating their photo 50 years later, Schultz said they discovered the turtle had been moved to the Chinook Pier Park.

Although they live close to each other on the east side of the state, they usually only see each other in passing, Schulz said.

“This was a planned visit,” she said. “With the exception of our brother David, who lives in L.A., we all live very close to each other. Because we take turns helping our mom take care of our dad, as well as our other family and work responsibilities, we mostly see each other coming and going (though we text a lot). This was a nice break from the routine.”

Schultz said that she and her husband and children have been visiting Grand Haven for 17 years. They always stay at the Pine Lodge on Lover’s Lane near Lake Michigan.

“We did stay at Pine Lodge last weekend,” she said. “I've been wanting my siblings to experience it for years since it is so special to my family and me. They all loved being there and seeing what my family and I experience on our summer visits — except that the windows were closed and the heat was on!”

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