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Grand Haven quarterback Alex Kapala throws a pass in a game earlier this season.

Grand Haven was on the road for a second straight week, this time in Hudsonville taking on the Eagles. The Buccaneers made a handful of mistakes early that led to their opponent getting good field position and easy scores. The Bucs surrendered 27 points in the first quarter and only six in the rest of the game. The offense was never able to get going after their rocky start and Hudsonville took the game 33-0.

“In the first half, we just made a lot of mistakes between turnovers and trying to do someone else’s job to creating penalties. All of a sudden they got a couple of real quick scores to make it out of hand,”Grand Haven head coach Joe Nelson said. “I think our defense is playing outstanding. We didn’t give up a lot of yardage, we just keep giving up short fields. In the second half, it was too little too late, but we had a very respectable second half.” 

On paper, the gap between the two teams would not seem so big. Grand Haven had 83 yards of total offense while Hudsonville had 146. The big difference came in the turnover column where Grand Haven notched four turnovers (three interceptions, one fumble) and Hudsonville only lost one fumble.

“We were just trying to tell the kids to regain their composure and to trust the skills and techniques that they’ve been taught and the system that we are in. They just have to do their part. There are 11 men on the field at once and we need them to do their role instead of trying to cover for someone else,” Nelson said. 

The Buccaneers are now 1-2 on the season and look to right the ship next week when they return home for their Bucs pride game versus Grandville. In the meantime, Nelson looks to use these past two losses as a way to improve the team moving forward. 

“We’ve just gotta play our game, stick to the rules that we’ve been taught and have some discipline and poise when we do reach some adversity,” Nelson said. “There are some bright spots still, we just have to keep building on it and build confidence in our kids.”


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I just don't get it,same old thing just different year,something is seriously wrong,I Left at halftime. I feel bad for the players but still support them but something needs to change,this loosing streak has gone on way to long.

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