Grand Haven's Connor Worthington (34) runs the ball during Friday's game against Caledonia.

GRAND HAVEN – There are momentum swings, and then there are whatever Friday night was. Grand Haven’s back-and-forth win over Caledonia came on Homecoming night, in a must-win scenario. Having a small margin for error didn’t seem to rattle the Bucs too much on an important night in their season.

“It was incredible,” Grand Haven quarterback Alex Kapala said. “I still can’t get over how I’m feeling right now. This game was up and down, and had thrills, it was a fun game.”

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As a parent of a Caledonia football player, I would like to apologize on behalf of the player who showed poor sportsmanship. Our team does not play “dirty football.” I’m very proud of the season they have had- they have brought 110% every Friday night, despite too many disappointing losses. This particular Caledonia player lost his cool and I’m sure the coaches are handling the situation appropriately. The game was hard-fought on both sides in miserable conditions. Congratulations on your win, Grand Haven!


I am very impressed,best team we have had in awhile the Buc's really fought for that win in tearable wet cold conditions against a team that played unsportsman dirty football. I hope the Caladora player that punched one of our players in the Groin when he was down gets dealt with, that was an assault and should be brought to the attention of the MHSAA

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