On Sept. 20, Fruitport’s varsity football team traveled to Grand Rapids Union and won 49-0. However, the lingering storyline from that contest has little to do with the final score.

According to a Facebook post by Rodney McFall, the father of a Union player, the game was full of unsportsmanlike activity and racial slurs.

McFall claims in his post that the Union players were constantly berated by Fruitport players, being called the “n-word” and “b-word” and were told to “go back to the plantation they came from.”

McFall goes on to say that was a lot of pushing and shoving going on between the two teams after the whistle; he says it got so bad that “they removed both teams from the field and allowed the clock to run out and end the game.”

After McFall’s post, the two school districts announced they were launching a joint investigation into the allegations.

Fruitport superintendent Bob Szymoniak declined to comment on the ongoing investigation Wednesday, but did indicate that there will be a joint statement released by the schools in the next 24 hours that will include the findings of their investigation.

Once that statement is made, we’ll have digital coverage available on our website at grandhaventribune.com/sports.

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Makes me wonder how much all that talk in school about racism and by the Politicians has had little effect, people feel the way they feel .

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