VanderKooi breaks record in conference meet

WMC's Abby VanderKooi outruns her competition during the Lakes 8 conference jamboree. 

 The Warriors hosted a Lakes 8 conference jamboree and saw a record breaking performance from Abbi VanderKooi. VanderKooi set a new home course record with a time of 17:40.1, breaking her own record.

The girls team came in second in the jamboree and the boys finished first.

Girls results:

Ava Rotman 7th, 22:23.2

Brianna Zuidema 9th, 22:37.5

Cate Garretson 12th, 23:13.9

Emma Visker 21st, 25:18.0

Natalie Riksen 28th, 26:24.4

Audrey Braak 32nd, 27:07.4

Jessica Eenigenburg 37th, 28:37.6

Elise VanMeurs 38th, 28:38.0

Abby Sweetman 40th, 28:41.5

Lily Zenz 43rd, 30:14.6

Chloe Kozal 47th, 48:17.0

Boys Results:

Ben Garretson 3rd, 18:37.9

Jonathan Clausing 6th, 18:41.7

Ben Waldo 8th, 18:59.9

Tyler Gould 9th, 19:18.5

Caleb Croff 10th, 19:20.5

Pierce Newell 11th, 19:22.1

Daniel Plaisier 16th, 19:45.9

Luke Moorhead 23rd, 21:15.8

Noah Ferrier 35th, 24:03.6

David Clausing 36th, 24:30.0

Hector Sanchez 37th, 25:46.4

Marco Campillo 43rd, 28:57.0

The Warriors run again Saturday at the Portage Invite.

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