Indoor gyms were slated to open Thursday, June 25, only to have those hopes dashed by a federal appeals court ruling. 

Just as local athletes have lost three months of training, there’s another worrying sign for gym owners.

They’ve missed out on a quarter of their yearly revenue, and in response, they’ve heard what they feel is too little from the state legislature.

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Looks like this is a moot point. My gym notified me yesterday that they will reopen today. I have been well informed of their new procedures and this is something that could have happened a month ago with the same outcome.


Sadly, Gov Whitmer's executive orders make perfect sense in a deeply imperfect scenario. That doesn't mean it is fair or pleasant.....nothing about Covid-19 makes sense, is fair, or pleasant. Bottom line: the corona virus is new, aggressive, has an incubation period of as long as 2 weeks, can be widely spread by people who are asymptomatic, can ravage lungs as well as hearts, kidneys, and livers; is highly deadly and has no cure or vaccine (yet). It is currently on the wane in MI, as Gov Whitmer does the very hard work and makes the tough decisions - based on guidance from a 29-person team of business, medical, and educational MI experts - by allowing a series of executive orders to expire every 2 weeks. This is based on the daily report of numbers of spread of cases and deaths - when they go down, more and more businesses that place the public in close proximity to each other are allowed to open with safety precautions in place. This requires patience and fortitude. It's the only smart way to manage this destructive pandemic, but it is not fair, pleasant, or sensible to those who suffer with the virus, or those who are negatively affected economically. But it makes sense if the goal is to stop the spread of this deadly, aggressive, and, as yet, incurable virus.


Sadder still, annual deaths from heart disease are 6X more than what we'll see from COVID. This stat will likely be enhanced by 25% due to gyms being closed for the last three months. People need to exercise, not only for their physical well-being, but also for their emotional well-being. Gym members are for the most part, healthy people that are not in the most at risk members of society. Gyms are also well equipped in the knowledge of sanitary condition methods. They should be opened up now. Grocery stores place the public in closer proximity to others and have been since the pandemic's start. Empress Big Gretch placed the most vulnerable to COVID more at risk by mandating that nursing homes take in COVID patients, something they were not equipped to do. This signed the death warrant for many elderly people and helped inflate COVID deaths by 25%. Nothing sensible about that action.


Gee, what did people do for exercise all those decades before all the gyms opened up on every corner? Play tennis? Power walk? Lift weights? Jumping jacks and push-ups? Please, use some common sense! I love and miss my fitness center, and can't wait for it to open, but I've kept to a fitness regimen as best I can, and I'm willing to wait until I know it will be a safe experience for both the members and the staff. You seem very angry about Gov Whitmer's highly competent management of Covid-19 in Michigan, led with a 29-person team of business, educational, and medical MI experts, as well as state and federal public health and infectious disease control experts. She has done an incredible job of slowing down the spread of the virus from an initial #1-#3 spot for Michigan cases and deaths in the country. Dimmed by your anger, apparent misogyny, and misinformation contained in this and other comments of yours regarding this deeply contagious, deadly, and complex new virus which scientists and researchers are struggling to understand and find a cure and vaccine for, you make very little sense.


Yeah, I'm angry her incompetent handling, through her mandate that nursing homes take in COVID patients they were ill-equipped to handle, has needlessly killed 33% more people in Michigan than should have died in this crisis. When added to the further mismanagement of the other Dem govs in NY, NJ, & PA, 40% more people died than should have. So, you are darn right I'm angry about that! Without that bungling, we have nothing more here than a bad flu season as far as deaths are concerned at around 66k. Dispute that as misinformation!

And, it's really royal coming from you that I post misinformation. Your M.O. the past 6-7 years on this comments board has been as the undefeated world champion of posting misinformation. Your "facts" seem to be things you read somewhere and want to believe are true. That they are later dismissed as BS is totally ignored and forgotten by you. It's pretty clear you have zero self-awareness with that projection. I've lost count of the times I've seen Vlad school you on your misinformed posts and instead of learning something, you double down on them with your weapons-grade ignorant responses. As someone with a science/mathematics degree from that liberal bastion of the Midwest in Ann Arbor and 35 years of applying that knowledge in industry, I fully understand the situation. I deal with the laws of science and with statistics every day. And, as I've stated on this board numerous times, the so-called experts have been giving us conflicting information from the beginning of this crisis. It would have served us all better if they hadn't tried to inform the public. All they've done is confuse. My personal physician even said that you can't trust what the CDC is saying.

But, it really is all a moot point, I lifted at my gym last night. The safety methods that are in place make me feel confident and safe in doing so. Wearing a mask when working out is quite frustrating, however. But, it is a necessary evil that I hope will disappear soon. Hopefully, you'll get to return to your facility soon. You probably need to also.


Oh, and by the way, calling the gov "Big Gretch" is in no way being misogynistic. She thinks the moniker is great. It was bestowed on her by Detroit rapper Gmac Cash. "This is too much. Love the nickname. Love the song. See ya at the cookout GmacCash. Until then, Big Gretch says stay home and stay safe." As usual, all you have is your ignorance. Maybe step outside your bubble and learn something that is a fact for a change. It could be a refreshing change for ya.

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