Jamie Samuelsen, a fixture in Detroit sports radio for 25 years and a blogger for, died on Aug. 1 at the age of 48 after a 19-monthlong battle with colon cancer.

He was so tired near the end, it hurt him to laugh. He had to fight for the energy just to fight the cancer, which was especially unfair. And yet until the final two weeks, he did his radio show, told stories with his friends, played with his kids and made everyone around him feel OK.

Jamie Samuelsen always stuck to the script, the most patient, compassionate, selfless person I’ve ever known. He didn’t stray from his principles, not even when the cancer took over. He never lost his hair or his spirit or his humor. You’d never know he spent 19 months fighting for his life, crisscrossing the country with his wonderful wife, Christy, seeking treatments. He didn’t want people to know because he was afraid they’d treat him differently.

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