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SPRING LAKE — They’re raising native flowers, plants and wings of hope in the Village of Spring Lake.

The waystation includes information brochures.

Volunteers Kendra Anderson, Julie Petroelje, Dan Pilczuk, Cindy Pilczuk, Nina France and Linda Trier and others last week built a monarch ways…

A shimmering smile isn’t the only thing toothpaste can be credited for. That little magical tube of paste can conquer everything from carpet a…

Dogs frolic at Marv’s Bark Park in Spring Lake, north of the village’s Central Park. Dog park enthusiasts are planning an event there for Satu…

Relaxed senior care visiting rules mean family members can make appointments to visit loved ones outdoors, with restrictions, as shown here at…

New COVID-19-related state rules allow for family members to schedule outdoor visits with loved ones in senior care facilities. Masks and soci…

Even though the weather has turned cooler, insects are jamming like it’s full-blown summer.

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mhavenga commented on Mask up, Michigan

Surgeons and every hospital staff member present in the operating room are required to wear masks before they open up your body in a sterile environment. Is that not "medical proof" enough? Next person you know, whether you, a friend or loved one who has a medical procedure, ask everyone …


Roger and Marcia, thank you for your kind words. I agree -- the world has lost a treasure, but his legacy and lessons remain. ❤

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Please don't cast shade/political commentary on the intent of this project.